Whirli Website & Social Motion

At Hex Digital we worked with the startup Whirli, creating their website and promotional animations for their social channels. Whirli is a company that allows it’s subscribers to rent a selection of toys, which can then be returned and swapped when the kids using them get bored, the perfect solution for the issue of buying toys that go underused and create clutter.

Branding was handled by fellow Farringdon agency Ragged Edge, who gave Whirli a modern playful feel to match their product and target audience, and designed a series of characters. I was given these designs and tasked with bringing them to life along with creating a series of short explainer videos for the site.

This work was handled entirely in After Effects, where the characters were rigged and animated before being exported using the Bodymovin plugin as .json format. These files were then handed over to our developers who implemented them seamlessly on site. The benefit of using .json files over other motion formats (e.g. mp4 & gif) is that the files are tiny in comparison, meaning we can use a lot of motion while keeping site load times fast.